This wall hanging looks like art but it’s really a room heater


NEWS – Space heaters can be eyesores and even trip hazards if you don’t pay attention to cords on the floor. The Invroheat room heater solves both of those problems by putting an attractive piece of art on your wall that just happens to be a heater as well.

Invroheat uses infrared heat to quickly warm a 12 x 12 foot room in minutes. It comes as a rolled-up tube that unrolls into a 40 x 22 decorative wall hanging that has a loop at the top that you can use to easily hang on a wall anywhere in your room where there’s also a wall outlet.

There’s no fan to blow the heat, and that means no noise too. It can save over 50% on electricity cost compared to a conventional space heater and it has an auto safety shut-off that prevents overheating.

This infrared heater is available in a variety of styles and is normally priced at $129.99 but they are currently on sale for the holidays for as low as $64.99 each. Head over to and you can find them on Amazon too.

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