Drop your phone into Totallee’s new fast-charging Wireless Car Charger

NEWS – Wireless car chargers are nothing new, but they are for Totallee, my favorite ultra-thin iPhone case maker. By introducing their new Wireless Car Charger Totallee is adding to an ever-growing list of smartphone accessories.

The charger has a minimalist design featuring a 360º adjustable viewing angle and a secure vent grip mount for quick, easy installation.

The neatest thing about this charger is its automatic closing feature. When you drop your phone into the charger, it automatically closes, making sure your phone is super secure. Removing the phone is just as easy. Just tap the touch-screen release area located on the side of the charger to open it.

As far as charging goes, the wireless car charger uses fast charging with speeds up to 10W. And it’s compatible with all of Totallee’s phone cases.

The Totallee Wireless Car Charger is up for preorder on their site for $49, with shipping starting on 11/14.

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