Kiddoz, the new, clever cookbook and measuring cup kit from Chefclub makes cooking realistic for kids with a special ‘cooking language’

NEWS – You might’ve heard of Chefclub before? They’re a leading producer of entertaining recipe videos and they’re back making noise with their latest endeavor Kiddoz. The goal with Kiddoz, available via Kickstarter campaign, is to inspire kids and encourages creativity in the kitchen, while spending quality time as a family preparing money-saving, nutritious foods that everyone can enjoy. Kiddoz is a whole new experience, allowing kids to cook recipes without having to know how to read, through easy to follow step-by-step instruction, engaging characters, and inspiring images. The Kiddoz kit comes with 6 clever measuring cups, a 20-recipe cookbook, and additional recipes that are available via the app. Kiddoz is available on Kickstarter now starting at $29 with rewards scheduled to ship in December.

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