Human Truly Wireless Headphones are as crazy as they are cool

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NEWS – Truly wireless headphones are pretty popular these days, but some don’t like wearing earbuds. Seattle-based startup Human, Inc. has produced the first truly wireless headphones that deliver over-the-ear quality with the convenience of ear-buds. Instead of fitting inside your ears, these headphones fit over your ears.

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The first thing I thought when I saw them was how the heck do these things stay on? They’re held in place by hooks that wrap around the back of your ear allowing them to fit comfortably on your ear. 

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These headphones feature intuitive touch controls that let you easily control media, phone, and digital assistant. Another cool feature that other TW headphones don’t offer is a built-in Bluetooth speaker.  When you’re not wearing them, these headphones can be snapped together and used as a portable Bluetooth speaker.

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Dual 280mAh Batteries give the headphones up to 9 hours of continuous life on a single charge and allow for charging while using them in speaker mode.

4 beam-forming microphones allow for superior voice-capture, even in noisy environments.

With the Human App, you can instantly translate up to 11 languages and enable Blend and Speaker modes. Blend mode activates the external microphones letting you listen to both your music and amplify the world around you.

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Human Headphones are as crazy as they are cool. If you prefer the quality of over-the-ear headphones, these might be worth checking out.

Human Truly Wireless Headphones sell for $399 and are currently available for a special introductory price of $259 from Human.

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