Observe an eclipse every day in your own home with the Eclipse Fixed Sconce

eclipse fixed sconce 01

NEWS – I like uniquely designed home furnishings as well as sciencey stuff. The Eclipse Fixed Sconce is both – a unique sconce that looks like an eclipse! This beautiful sconce by Philippe Malouin is made of brass, aluminum, and glass and comes in black chrome, chrome, and polished brass colors. It has a non-dimmable 3.5 watt integrated LED (200 lumens/2700 Kelvin color temperature) and measures 6 in./16 cm H x 6 in./16 cm W x 5 in./12 cm D. But before you get all excited and pull out your wallet to order, you’ll want to know that it costs… wait-for-it… $1000 from Roll & Hill. Did I hear you gasp? Yep, me too (and I did not mistakenly add an extra zero there). It is indeed one thousand dollars. I guess innovative designs come at a hefty price. Perhaps there’s a DIY project here for those who aren’t made of money…

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