Belt buckles that James Bond could use if he had Oprah’s bank account

NEWS – Yes, this is a belt buckle. I know it looks more like… well… I am not really sure what it looks like. But trust me, it’s a belt buckle for the very VERY rich. How rich? I’m not sure because I can’t find any up to date pricing. I found a 5 year old article from 2014 that mentioned $400,000. Yes, that’s a 4 followed by a lot of zeros.

Roland Iten design and makes these luxury belt buckles because he felt there needed to be a better way to adjust the tightness of the belt when you sit. To solve that problem, he created a collection of buckles that feature some crazy mechanics made of expensive materials as well as precious gems. Check out this video which shows how the buckles work.

You can learn more about these incredible belt buckles and other insanely priced gear that you will never own by visiting Roland Iten.
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