Cotton Carrier CCS G3 camera harness review

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REVIEW – I have lost count of how many camera harnesses I have tried and/or purchased while in search of one that is really comfortable and that can be worn for extended periods of time when on a long photo shoot. While it seems somewhat enclosed and possibly restrictive, the Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Grey Harness-2 claims to be adequately up to the task. Let’s see if they put their money where their claims are.

What is it?

The Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Camera Harness System is designed to support one or two cameras. The harness and the side holster allow for the versatile support of 2 DSLR camera bodies and lenses and distribute the weight evenly so that it can be utilized for long periods of time while leaving your hands free when you are not shooting.

What’s in the box

1 x Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Grey Harness-2
2 x Safety Tethers
1 x User Guide
1 x Demonstration Leaflet
1 x Wanderer Holster
2 x Camera Mounting –Hubs with washers
2 x Allen Keys
2 x Tether Split Rings
1 x Camera Rain Cover
2 x Camera –Hub Mounting Bolts

Design and features


  • Patented twist and lock carrying system
  • Secures 2 cameras comfortably
  • Made in two colors: Realtree Xtra Camo and Charcoal Grey
  • Allows you to be active while still having your optics accessible
  • Webbing design goes on in a flash. Slips over the shoulder, and then clips around your torso. Easy to put on. Easy to take off
  • Comes with a safety tethers to prevent any accidental drops
    Comes with our slip-over weather cover
  • Includes two stash pockets
  • Fits comfortably under a backpack

On the front of the harness, there is a center mount for one camera, adjustable shoulder buckles, an adjustable side buckle, a clipped on pouch holder that contains the weather cover, and a lens hold-down strap across the bottom. As shown in the pictures above, there are also 2 stash pockets for small accessories.

The back of the harness is flat with the adjustable buckles on each side.

With this harness, there is the ability to add a second camera mount on the side.

The pictures below show the clip-on pouch and the weather cover that is attached to and contained within the pouch.


The harness is very comfortable and as seen below, it fit my model very well.

The picture below shows the harness with one DSLR and lens on the center mount.

The next 2 pictures show the harness with two DSLR cameras mounted.

What I like

  • The design
  • The build quality
  • The comfort
  • The versatility

What can be improved

  • A better strap adjustment system that is less tedious when micro-adjusting the straps for the best fit

Final thoughts

As an active photographer, I am always looking for easy and comfortable ways to safely carry 2 camera bodies with lenses and to be able to freely move around when doing so. One of the issues with many DSLR harnesses is that after a while they create fatigue on your body including your shoulders and back. This harness works very well, and after using it for a while, I did not feel any of the expected fatigue. While it is not made of leather like many others, it is strong and the material is breathable so that it remains cool while being worn. I give it a well done, and two thumbs up!!

Price: $159.00
Where to buy: The Cotton Carrier website and Amazon
Sample: The sample for this review was provided by Cotton Carrier

3 thoughts on “Cotton Carrier CCS G3 camera harness review”

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  2. I’ve run across a couple of guys using the cotton carrier and they swore by it

    I have yet to find the “perfect” carrying scheme (I should hurry as i’m running out of time)
    my issue with any of the chest carry options came up while crawling through the brush for a shot or slipping through barb wire to get to the next bit of cover

    as to your comment about leather…I make/made hundreds of things from leather over the years but I find most of the gear aimed at photographers fashionable not functional…too many clanky bits, too bright hardware and way too much weight.

    the synthetics are lighter and require much less maintenance

    another interesting take on gear…thanks

  3. That looks like a pretty cool system, but having a larger size in the chest area as a female makes this system not very usable for me. I currently use a system that holds the camera to the side on top of my hip area and that seems to work pretty good for me, though it does only hold one camera in my current configuration. Fortunately for me most events only have me using a single camera/lens setup at one time.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I have Cotton Carrier straps that I use for shooting events that are 5+ hours long. Have you tried one on? These are larger than the similar Black Rapid kit I used to use. Although I am male, I do have a 50 inch chest, and the Cotton Carrier fits me without being at the largest adjustment even, so could be worth giving it a go.

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