The Wooly Snuffle Mat feeds your dog’s belly and brain

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NEWS – In the past, I’ve written about my dog Zoey’s voracious appetite, and my search for ways slow her down during meal time. I recently wrote about the Rock ‘N Bowl dog feeder from Paw5. Now they’ve come up with another item that’s not a bowl but looks more like a shaggy mop than a dog feeder – the Wooly Snuffle Mat.

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Here’s how it works. Just scatter the dog’s food directly on top of the shaggy mat then let them go to town. Snuffle Mat actually taps into your dog’s natural instinct to hunt and forage for food.   

Like the Rock ’N Bowl, it slows your dog down and makes the everyday routine of mealtime engaging and more fun. But with a softer approach.

It also works as a puzzler to help stimulate fido’s brain.

Snuffle Mat is made to be used with any dry dog food or treats.

It’s fully machine washable for easy cleaning between meals.

The Wooly Snuffle Mat comes in a modern gray color and is perfect for any size, breed, or age dog. You can buy one for your pooch from The Grommet for $39.95.

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  2. Unless your pooch eats so fast she vomits, what’s wrong with a fast eater? Have you seen a hungry lab eat? And mental stim for a dog while eating seems really anthropomorphic.

  3. Years ago I commented to my vet that my rescue mutt (turned out to be a bloodhound/collie mix) was eating so fast that she would almost immediately throw it up (what fun!). He said, “rocks.” He said to use a stainless steel bowl and then go find a few large rocks that would fit inside the bowl on top of the food.

    I found a couple large. smooth river rocks and put them in the bowl with her food. It slowed her down considerably as she had to nuzzle around them to get at everything, then she had to flip them over to get underneath. It worked.

  4. Michael Strange

    I had this issue with my dog, she would eat to fast and get gas or vomit. I first used a lacrosse ball in her bowl which slowed her down a little. I then purchased one of those maze bowls (prior to discovering the Paw5 products) and it did the job. She eats much slower now and no more gas or vomiting.

    The reason I write news posts about these kind of items is to offer possible solutions to people that are having similar issues with their dogs.

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