Saddleback Leather updates the last duffle bag you (or your heirs) will ever need to purchase

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Saddleback Leather Co. Beast Duffle in Tobacco

NEWS – Saddleback Leather Co. has updated its largest duffle (SLC’s preferred spelling) bag, which is appropriately named the Beast. Like the majority of Saddleback Leather Company’s bags, the Beast is constructed with full grain leather, marine-grade polyester thread, and stainless steel hardware. The main body of the bag is constructed of two large pieces of leather with additional solid leather ends. The Beast is lined with hard-wearing pig skin which provides a beautiful and hard-wearing interior.

Rear view of The Beast duffle bag

The inside has a single large compartment with smaller pockets on each end.  The Beast is closed by five straps–three along the body and one on each end. This hand-made duffle measures 34″ long by 15″ deep by 14″ high and weighs a hefty 12 pounds. The Beast is rated to hold 50 pounds, but you will be hard-pressed to lift a fully loaded duffle with the single handle.

Inverior view of The Beast duffle bag

Like all of SLC’s products, the Beast comes with a 100-year warranty. The Beast is available in Tobacco (medium brown) and Dark Coffee Brown.

Dark Coffee Brown Beast duffle bag

The Beast is available directly from Saddleback Leather Co. at The Beast is $989.00 including free shipping.

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  2. Matt,
    Sit down Matt.
    Matt my friend,
    I have been asked to have a word with you.
    You know Matt,
    I really don’t know how to say this Matt.
    Your friends, family and even the damn tsa are concerned.
    You see Matt, there is such a thing as too many buckles.
    Yes Matt. It is true.
    One is fine.
    Two is okay.
    Three is a touch ocd but it is your bag and your stuff.
    Five buckles is too many Matt.
    It is not like this is velcro or one of those two zipper jobs that has one zipper die and you have to drag the other to hell and back. No Matt, this is five leather buckles.
    The tsa people are wincing and tutting. You will throw off the whole inspection line flow with your buckles.
    This is an intercession Matt.
    Your belt, each shoe and that is it. Three buckles. Do you realise that when you fly you could reach all the way up to 8 buckles? Think of all the glaring and uneasy glances?
    Matt, those are too many buckles.
    I could go on about coming in black and having some spikes but I think I have made my point.

    Sorry for the drama Matt. I hope it was worth a chuckle.

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