SnapCap lets you securely hang your cap almost anywhere

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NEWS – As I’ve shared previously, I’m a fan of caps—I have several of them that I wear in heavy rotation and many of mine are either fitted or elastic-fit, so they don’t have that adjustable strap in the back.  For my fitted or elastic-fit ones, I often wish I had a way to attach them to the outside of my bag for EDC or travel, rather than having to jam them inside.  Recently I stumbled upon the SnapCap, made by DSPTCH.  It’s a combination hook/clamp that grips your hat in a way that won’t damage it, and lets you hang it from just about anywhere that you can attach its carabiner-like spring-hook.  It even allows you to carry more than one hat at a time, and clamp them all securely.  SnapCap retails for $9.99.  Visit for more info or to order.

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12 thoughts on “SnapCap lets you securely hang your cap almost anywhere”

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  2. I’m a fan of caps too, this thing will really add some perfect place for me to hang my fav cap specially when I need to take it off after using it. What a snap!


      1. It has securely held my Tilley Cotton Duck T3 for multiple scout trips. I use it when we’re in the dining hall or at restaurants when traveling to and from events.
        I had previously added a button hole to my Tilley (well, my wife did it for me) so I could use a carabiner to hold my hat, but this works just as well.
        I have also begun using it to hold my cap to my day bag while at the office. It has saved me from having to go back to my desk to retrieve my cap several times already.

        1. That’s great feedback, Matt. Thanks for stopping by to comment. Attaching a cap to my EDC bag is exactly the use I think I would have for this on a daily basis, but it could also be handy for hikes and travel.

  3. For those with concerns about shipping costs, buy the multi-packs and split the shipping costs with your friends. Our scout troop leaders have done this and it worked out to about $2 per person for US shipping.

    The company needs to get this into outfitters and outdoor adventure stores like REI.

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