Pillo is your personal pharmacist robot

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NEWS – Pillo is a cute voice-activated countertop robot that keeps track of and dispenses medication. It uses facial recognition as a security measure so that it can provide the right medication and dosage to the right person. When it’s time to take a medication, it will drop into the cup below the display and prompt for the person to take it.

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Up to 28 days worth of pills can be loaded into Pillo through an easy to use chute on the top of the unit. Pillo pairs with an app on your phone to alert you or other caregivers if their patient/loved one misses a dose and can even connect to them for a video chat through the display on the front. Now for the bad news, the convenience of Pillo comes with a hefty price tag. The unit itself is $499. But even if you can swallow that cost, you also have to pay a $39.99 monthly subscription which is crazy spendy. Still interested? Head over to pillohealth.com for more info.

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