Audew Cordless Air Compressor Review

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REVIEW – When I was given a chance to review this, I thought I was getting some kind of canned air that recharges. You know, the kind you use to blow dust out of keyboards? Nope, the Audew Cordless Air Compressor is a handheld rechargeable tool that lets you inflate automotive tires, bike tires, pool toys, balls, etc.

What is it?

This is a cordless, handheld air compressor for tires, bikes, balls, air mattresses, or anything else that needs inflation. Also comes with a 12v DC adapter for use in the car.

Hardware specs

-Rated voltage: DC-12V
-Rated power: 120W
-Max pressure: 150PSI
-Maximum current: 10A
-Maximum continuous working hours: 10mins ( 0~35Psi )
-Cable length: 118 inches
-Air hose length: 7 inches
-Size: 9.4*7.5*3.1 inches
-Weight: 2.8 lb

What’s in the box?

audew compressor 01

The package comes with the inflator, rechargeable battery, multiple tips/nozzles, and a 12V car adapter base.

Design and features

audew compressor 05

On the bottom of the base is a clever storage compartment for the flexible nozzle. It stores in the hollow portion of the “finger guard.”

audew compressor 03The rechargeable battery also has a built-in storage for two nozzle tips. The black tip is a plain cone, and the familiar needle tip for balls. audew compressor 04There’s a USB recharging cable that plugs into the base of the battery. An LED on the cable “box” lights up when charging.

audew compressor 02There’s a 12V car adapter option included as well. This clever “battery” is actually hollow, and the cigar lighter plug stores in the empty base.

audew compressor 08

The tool has a lock, a trigger to turn the compressor on and off, and an LED area light.


You need to attach the flexible hose to the tip of the compressor. Here, I’ve used the needle tip to inflate a small ball.

audew compressor 06


audew compressor 07I noticed that the LCD display indicates the current pressure. You can use the buttons to set the automatic shutoff point. Once the preset pressure is reached, the compressor turns off automatically. audew compressor 09Yes, the compressor works with car tires as well.

If you’ve never used an electric compressor before, it does make quite a bit of noise. It’s definitely not a stealthy tool.

What I like

Clever storage for all the tips and adapters. The ability to program a preset pressure shutoff is a nice touch.

What needs to be improved

The plastics feel slightly cheap, but it keeps the weight down.

Final thoughts

If you’re tired of the traditional bike pump, or you don’t feel like traveling to the gas station to get air for your tires and pool toys, look no further than the Audew Cordless Air Compressor. I have a shop compressor in my garage, but it’s not portable and lightweight.

Price: $64.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Audew.

4 thoughts on “Audew Cordless Air Compressor Review”

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  2. I don’t have another car-powered air compressor to test against, and I didn’t try filling a completely flat tire, either. I did notice the specs list about a 10 minute operating time (the 0-35 psi range) so I’m not sure if that’s a battery runtime, or a motor thermal limit time. I will say it got a semi-flat toy ball to super bouncy pretty quick.

  3. The Amazon page claims it will inflate 4 car tires on a charge. It also has a 2200 mAh battery which I think means that the quoted 10 minutes run time is battery limited.
    An interesting gadget. I might get one. I already have a plug-in tire inflator but this would be more convenient.

  4. No cut to the review, which was well done, but in the U.S., Walmart as an example has tire inflators in the $10 range (we have 3) which plug into the car cigarette lighter plug. They’re a bit slow but ours have lasted for many years.

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