The Avocado Sock quickly ripens avocados in the cutest way possible

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NEWS – Buying avocados is never an exact science. You either choose one that’s overripe or not ripe enough. And waiting for an avocado to ripen is never ideal. The Avocado Sock (that’s right I said sock) was made to quickly and perfectly ripen the little green fruit.

The sock is made from pure 100% Shetland wool that’s sourced from a 200-year old woolen mill in Scotland. Pure wool is used because of its natural lanolin. And the dark and warm environment is ideal for helping the avocado ripen.

Just insert an unripened avocado in the small, cute, wool sock and place it in a warm, dry place. Gently sealing it with the drawstring allows it to ripen in as little as 24 hours. It also reduces bruising and damage.

The sock can also be used to ripen other fruits and vegetables.

The Avocado Sock comes in 3 different colors, Nutmeg, Pewter, and Olive and is available from The Grommet.

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