The Emergency Cash Stash, never leave home without it

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NEWS – With most purchases being made using a debit or credit card these days, most people don’t carry cash with them anymore. But if you forget, or worse, lose your wallet having cash on hand can be a lifesaver. The Emergency Cash Stash is a mini canister that holds one rolled up bill for situations when you need money most. 

The Emergency Cash Stash is machined in the USA from solid brass and is small enough that it will take up hardly any room on your key-ring.

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The canister is waterproof and has a clever threadless design that won’t allow the container to open unless it’s off your keyring. Making sure that your emergency cash is always safe.

So if you want a little peace of mind the next time you leave the house, pick up The Emergency Cash Stash.

The Emergency Cash Stash sells for $27 and is available on Cool Material.

8 thoughts on “The Emergency Cash Stash, never leave home without it”

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  2. Amazon has many varieties of these money holders, at one half to one third the price of the Emergency Cash Stash. What makes this one worth the extra premium?

    1. I agree and wanted to ask the same question. I was also surprised to see $27 as the price for this thing. If there are reasons it is better, I’ll consider it. Hopefully you will get a response from the reviewer.

      1. JB,
        This was written as a news article I didn’t actually get the chance to review the product. But from what I can tell the there are two main differences between the Cash Stash and the less expensive models. The CS is made from solid brass and most of the others are made of aluminum. The other thing is the CS can’t be opened unless it’s removed from your keychain. I don’t know that these things justify the price difference but that’s what I see as the main differences.

        1. Fair & important point. I saw on AZ for $8 f/2, made from brass (but of lesser quality), has an O-ring seal like this one and the dimensions appear to be bigger (longer) since it’s meant as a pill holder. The one on AZ is unscrewed while still on the loop. Not secure, it could come off over time, easier for a bad guy to remove it quickly, etc.

        2. Michael,

          Understood, thanks for clarifying. I also appreciate you taking the time to respond. Too many blogs ask readers for feedback or comment but never, ever respond to those comments. I understand it might not be possible to always respond to everyone, but I’m happy you did nonetheless.


    1. As per my reply to the author, you get what you pay for. It’s just what matters to you vs. price. If I really needed one, & had the cash 😉 I’d go for the foolproof item.

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