A helping hand for putting on bracelets

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bracelet buddy

NEWS – It doesn’t matter which arm I’m going to wear a bracelet on, I always seem to have trouble getting one end of the bracelet to stay in place on my arm while I try to clasp the other end to it.  I usually get my husband or daughter to put the bracelet on for me, and when they aren’t home, I don’t wear a bracelet.  This Bracelet Buddy tool might mean I’d never again need help from another person to get my bracelets on.

The Bracelet Buddy is a plastic stick that looks like a stack of beads.  At the end is a rubbery plastic alligator clip.  You clip the end of the bracelet with the stationary part of the clasp with the Buddy and hold it in your hand as shown in the image.  Use your free hand to operate the lobster or hook end of the clasp and attach it to the stationary part.

The Bracelet Buddy is $9.98 at Harriet Carter.

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