Add a USB charger to your nightlight

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NEWS – Even though our condo has more electrical outlets than any other place I’ve lived, we still never seem to have enough.  I have so many things to charge or power, and a need to have lamps in every room because only the kitchen has an overhead light, that I have no room for nightlights.  With the RevJams USB Wall Charger Night Light, I’d be able to have a charger that is also a nightlight.

The charger’s multifunctional button turns the LED nightlight on or off with a tap, or long-tap it to adjust light levels.  A smart memory function recalls the last LED light setting.  The two USB ports on the bottom automatically detect connected devices and deliver the optimal charging voltage to protect against overcharging and overheating.

The RevJams charger has prongs that fold away for easy transport.  The charger is available in white with rose gold accents or with silver accents.  The RevJams USB Wall Charger Night Light is $24.95 at The Grommet.

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