Can the Treblab X5 earbuds take a bite out of the Apple crowd?

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Treblab X5
NEWS – When Apple first introduced their AirPods, I was not at all intrigued by the design or the cost. Don’t get me wrong, I am a daily all-day user of the iPad and iPhone, but their earbuds were just not appealing to me. I do believe that it was a combination of their design, with the two small stick-like pieces that more resembled earrings, along with their white color that made them as conspicuous as possible. Since then, I have chatted with many folks that swear that they sound incredible and are worth disregarding any of the pesky preferences that I may have that may be stopping me from purchasing them.

For the past few months, I have opted to test and review other wireless earbuds in an ongoing search for the best earbuds for my personal taste, and I have continued to stay away from Apple’s product. This is why it is so strange when I came across the TREBLAB X5 earbuds and became strangely intrigued by this product. They follow a similar design to the AirPods which I initially so despised, but I seem to be more accepting because of the black color that looks more gadget-like to me. They are water resistant and are designed for use when exercising and even when competing in sports events. They claim to offer the latest in Bluetooth technology and include Beryllium speakers.

If you would like to purchase the TREBLAB X5 earbuds, you can head over to Amazon and pick them up for $79.97. There is currently a coupon that is available on the Treblab website that can be used on Amazon, and it will reduce the price to $47.97.

6 thoughts on “Can the Treblab X5 earbuds take a bite out of the Apple crowd?”

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    1. Hi Seth,
      This is just a news story to bring awareness to a product that is available.
      If I get to review these earbuds I will let you know the answer to your question.

  2. The sound is good.
    I listen to a fair amount of heavy bass music and I’m not amazed but not disappointed at all.
    I got them as a referb set on eBay.
    I have ultimate ears SF 10, a few similar pairs of Shure IEM’s and I’d say for a sub $50 IEM I’m satisfied. They don’t sound as good as UE SF 5 or 10’s but they are way cheaper too and help you get past the lack of headphone jacks.

  3. Wow! These are better then the Bragi, the Vie and the Samsung IconX. I’ve been interested in beryllium drivers for a while.Focal uses them in their wildly expensive over ear headphones. There is a Chinese firm that makes a number of different wooden over ear, but this! This is the best sounding BT, hands down. This includes all of my previous BT headsets from, JBL, Creative, Samsung, LG and plenty of others going back 13 years. For $50, this was deal of the year.

    1. Hi Craig,

      I just got these earbuds to test and review, and my initial impression supports everything you are saying related to sound and connectivity. Right now they have the potential to take over the #1 spot on my “best earbuds for me” rankings list. I will see if this holds up throughout the review period.

      1. If Treblab ever makes an aptx hd and LDAC audio device, with beryllium drivers, I’d pay 10 times the current price. I still can’t believe these are $50.

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