Replace your clunky wooden cutting board with the woodNflex flexible cutting board

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NEWS – I fashion myself as somewhat of an amateur cook. One of the things I use a lot to prepare meals is an old wooden cutting board. I’ve tried using those flexible plastic boards, but I just prefer the feel of my old wooden board. The problem with wood, of course, is that it’s a little cumbersome and it doesn’t flex or bend, until now. The woodNflex flexible cutting board gives you the best of both worlds.

woodNflex has a natural wood cutting surface that is backed by food-grade silicone. The thick silicone base gives the board grip and some bendability.

The wood cutting surface is a veneer made from natural American hardwood.

woodNflex’s lightweight and thin design make it easy to wash and store. It also adds a protective layer to your countertop. And because it’s flexible, it’s easier to transfer whatever you’re cutting from the board to a bowl or pan.

You can even use it as a server for things like cheese and party favors.

The board measures 14” x 11” and comes in either oak ($32.99) or dark walnut ($34.99).

The woodNflex cutting board is available on Amazon.

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