The Quickloader Strap is an all rubber take on the traditional tie down

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NEWS – If you’ve ever had to move something from here to there, you know the importance of making sure whatever you’re moving is secure. Traditional tie downs are okay, but most of them contain metal or plastic hooks that can be damaging. The Quickloader Strap does all the same securing and carrying jobs that a traditional tie down does but without the use of any metal parts.

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Quickloader Straps are made of a durable, lightweight rubber. The flexible rubber makes them adaptable to just about any loading task. And because they are completely made of rubber, there’s no worry of damaging or scratching items.

The straps are made of 100% EPDM rubber and will never Harden or crack.

Each strap measures 43-inches in length, but they can be connected to increase the tie-down length by two or three times.

quickloader rubbertiedownstrap 2

With a workload limit of 55-pounds and a break strength of 110-pounds, the Quickloader Straps are very durable.

The Quickloader Straps come in packs of two for $19.95 and are available on The Grommet.

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