LiteXim Aerobuds wireless earbuds review

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REVIEW – Once again I got the opportunity to further my search to find the earbuds that are perfect for me. So far, I have come across 2 that are close to perfect but I always wonder if there is something better “out there”. Given the opportunity to try another set, I willingly said yes!! Now let’s see what my experience was like.

What is it?

The LiteXim Aerobuds are a pair of wireless, Bluetooth lightweight earbuds with the usual charging case. They perform the standard audio functions including phone functions.

What’s in the box

Aerobud 2
1 x Pair of Aerobuds
1 x Charging Case
3 x Pairs of Wing Tips
3 x Pairs of Ear Tips
1 x USB Micro USB Cable
1 x Instruction Booklet

Design and features

The LiteXim earbuds come nicely and safely packaged. Once you remove them from the box and charge them, you are ready to go. I was able to use the Wing Tips and Ear Tips that were already installed. It is important to note that the instruction manual that comes with the earbuds is more like a quick start guide. There is a printed QR Code on it that allows you to download the full manual onto your phone or you can go to their website and download the manual to your computer.

Once the earbuds are charged, you press down on the surfaces of each simultaneously for 2 seconds, and they power on and show up in the Bluetooth settings screen of your phone. The surface of each earbud is the Multi-function button (Referred to as MFB for the rest of this article). Just as an FYI, I use the iPhone 8 Plus. The earbuds automatically connect to each other, and the right earbud flashes red and white while in pairing mode, just like most earbuds. Once the earbuds are paired, they are ready for use. For phone calls, only the right earbud is enabled.

The following is the status indicator chart from their manual:
LiteXim Aerobud Status Indicator Chart


Bluetooth version: 4.2
Stand-by-time: Approx. 60 hrs
Talking time: Approx 3.5 hrs
Earbud battery capacity: 50 mAh each
Charging case battery capacity: 500 mAh

Using the earbuds:

To answer a call: Press MFB once.
To hang up: Press MFB once.
To reject a call: Double tap MFB.
To play/pause music: Press MFB to play or pause when playing music.
To switch to the next song: Double tap MFB.

When the batteries are low, the earbuds will announce “low battery” and eventually power off. They will also auto shutoff if they fail to connect to your device within 3 minutes after powering on, or if they are connected to your device and lose the connection for more than 5 minutes.

These earbuds work well for use during daily running around and needing or wanting to listen to music. They sound ok but are definitely not audiophile grade. The bass is somewhat lacking, and the highs tend to be harsh even at lower volumes. The Mids are fairly present and within range. I did encounter the following issues:

  • I charged the earbuds overnight, and the next day, about 10 minutes into listening to them, the left ear announced that the battery was low and shut off. It turns out that even though you drop them in the case, you have to move them around a bit to ensure that they are connecting properly. Once I figured this out, I charged them again overnight, and they have been fine since. I do check them each time I “drop” them in the charging case.
  • I travel back and forth to work using the same route every day, so all of the earbuds that I have tested are used within the same environment. These earbuds would lose their Bluetooth connection a few times on each journey, and this is not counting the disconnections in the known areas on my route where interference is high and where difficulties are presented to all of the earbuds.
  • When earbuds like these are functioning properly, once paired they should automatically connect to the mobile device when powered on and disconnect when placed in the case. Neither of these functions works consistently. I have to go into my settings and manually connect to the earbuds at least 2 out of 3 times, and this is even though they appear in my Bluetooth device list as they should. On most occasions, the earbuds would remain connected to my Bluetooth after they are placed in the case and the case is closed. I would wait for a couple of minutes to see if they would disconnect, and then I would have to go into my Bluetooth settings and manually disconnect. I have tested many earbuds, and if my memory serves me correctly, this is only the second time I have come across this issue.
  • As you can see in the picture below, when I charge my Aerobuds, only the LED for the right earbud and the power LED light up. For some reason, the LED for the left earbud never lights up. I do suspect that my case is defective since both earbuds do charge once I make sure that they are seated properly in the case.

Aerobud 3
The Aerobuds fit quite comfortably in the ears and stay in place quite well. They are lightweight and do not add any additional noticeable presence other than what can be expected as “normal”.
Pic 6
The Phone functions work as they should, and I could hear the person on the line very clearly. However, the other party would indicate that while they could hear me clearly, my voice is very low. I have to raise my voice significantly for them to hear me in a volume that would be considered close to “normal”.

What I like

I like the small size of the Aerobuds and how well they fit in my ears. They are lightweight and feel quite comfortable.

What can be improved

  • The stability of the Bluetooth Connection
  • The upper-frequency threshold for the highs
  • The range of the bass
  • The quality control related to the Aerobuds and the connection in the charging case
  • The ability to connect and disconnect from the mobile device

Final thoughts

The LiteXim Aerobuds have many positive features for the everyday run-around earbuds. They are lightweight and for the price, they are an ok value. I also usually mention in my “Final thoughts” segment, that feel, fit and sound are all individually subjective dynamics. For me, the issues that I experienced with the Bluetooth connection along with the overall sound that was a bit harsh in the highs and lacking in the lows make these more usable for convenience if my other earbuds are charging or for some reason out of reach. They are not my first choice if my other earbuds are readily available. I would mention the names of some of the others, but that might be unfair given their cost.

Price: $65.99
Where to buy: Amazon Use the code RD4336XO for 28% off (expires 7/30/18)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by LiteXim.

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