The Ecoflow RIVER Bank provides power off the grid and right in the palm of your hand

River Bank Power Station
NEWS – As photographers and filmmakers, we always want and need to “push the envelope” to get the next photo or footage that is better than anything we previously shot. In many cases, we seek locations that are “off the grid” and away from any power source. These locations usually offer scenery and beauty that would even captivate some of the most disinterested people.

The problem that we constantly face, is trying to carry all of the equipment that we think we would need and having the ability to power and recharge much of it.

Enter the RIVER Bank power module. According to the manufacturer, the main module coupled with one of their stackable booster modules can provide an impressive number of charges as well as useful continuous power. The main module comes with a 99.16Wh battery, 2 USB ports, 2 USB-C ports and a QI wireless charging pad. Depending on with booster module you pair it with, you can add even greater capabilities. The Car Booster module adds an additional 44.4Wh along with a USB-C port and a Jump Start port. The AC Booster adds an additional 99.16Wh, a USB-C port, and a 100W AC port. The charging capabilities include charging a laptop 2 to 4 times, a cell phone 18 to 30 times, jump-starting a car up to 10 times, running a projector for over 5 hours, etc.

The River Bank module seems to be a really innovative device and if the specifications are true, it would be a great asset in the field. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can pre-order on the Ecoflow website. The main module sells for $199 and the additional modules for $295 each, with a bundle package of all 3 available for $390.

7 thoughts on “The Ecoflow RIVER Bank provides power off the grid and right in the palm of your hand”

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  2. LOL 350 amp “jump starter”. For three hundred US dollars “on sale”.

    350 amps is great if you are jump starting your kid’s dirt bike on a warm August afternoon…when you’ve already had it running for an hour.

    Each component (including the Black) costs more than competitors and offers less capacity.

    Nothing wrong with “lifestyle” brands that sell you a feeling.

    But the-gadgeteer having pivoted into a copypasta advertising blog that hawks demonstrably inferior goods is sad.

    Reader since 1999. Still in denial.

    1. I think this product is being marketed more as a backup power supply and not as a car jump starter although it does offer that feature as an add-on. Regardless, this wasn’t a review. It was clearly marked as a news post and we have no idea if their claims are actually true without testing it. We just thought it looked interesting enough to write about it like we do with MANY other products.

      1. I guess.

        The $300 component is described as a “car jump-starter add-on”. Which doesn’t do what a rugged and high-quality $99 unit from Noco does. And which, even if it is capable of its’ rated theoretical peak amperage, would probably need to be hit by lightning to start a diesel vehicle with a dead battery as their marketing claims.

        The other components are competitors to Anker and GoalZero options — with higher prices and lower specs.

        This content is quite a change from the days when you were passionately investigating the latest iPAQ or Jornada, giving it the Gadgeteer creak test.

        1. PS to be clear, if you post an affiliate link you are selling it.

          If it were just a “look at this neat stuff I found on the internet” blog it would be one thing, but you are positioned as an authoritative review and recommendation site. Or at least you used to be.

          Why dilute your brand hawking overpriced junk like this and the discount *modified* sine wave inverter that the reviewer claimed would power “refrigerators, freezers, small kitchen appliances, microwaves”.

          Credibility is hard to gain and easy to squander.

        2. That’s why I love readers like you! You offer valuable insight about products that have real-world issues and challenges. I’ve actually turned down every offer to do a review of a jump start gadget just because the only way to really test it is to have a dead battery and I wouldn’t expect anyone on the team to let their battery die just for the sake of a review test.

          I’m sure you realize that we can’t know every detail about every type of product that we write a news post on. Our news posts (we’re starting to preface these posts with the word NEWS in bold) are meant to be for information only and as an introduction to a product that we found interesting and thought others might like to know about them too.

          As for The Gadgeteer squeeze/creak test, if you read my phone reviews, I still do it! 🙂 And yes, things sure have changed in the gadget world since the days of the iPAQ and Palm devices. I do miss those days, but I am just as excited with the gadgets of today too.

  3. Yes, on the affiliate link. That does mean you are selling it. I don’t mind them if you did an in depth review and comparison and concluded that the item/service was a good buy that was recommended by this site.

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