Serve food at the correct temperature with these insulated bowls

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NEWS – Few things are more disappointing than working hard to prepare a delicious meal but finding the cooked veggies are cold and the salad is hot by the time everyone gets to the table.  (Yes, I know – first-world problems…)  These insulated bowls with lids from Oggi will keep your food at the right temperature throughout your meal.

The bowls are made of 100% stainless steel.  Polyurethane insulation is sandwiched between the two layers of steel to keep foods at the right serving temperature.  The double-wall construction also prevents condensation or heat transfer to your table top.  Prepare the bowls to maintain the proper temperature by filling them with hot water or by placing them in the freezer or filling with ice water before filling them with food.

Oggi offers these bowls in a 1-quart ($19.95), 2-quart ($29.95), or 3-quart ($39.95) size.  They are available for purchase at The Grommet.

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