These socks are worn outside your shoes

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NEWS – You probably take an umbrella or a hoodie with you when you know it’s supposed to rain right? But how can you protect your favorite pair of sneakers from getting wet or muddy on a rainy day? Check out Rain Socks from ONFAdd of Japan. These disposable “socks” are made of thin black rubber and are designed to fit over your shoes to protect them from the elements. They come in one size fits all for $18.95 each plus $18 shipping and they aren’t reusable. Yikes! I think I’d rather just tie a plastic shopping bag over each of my shoes and call it a day at that crazy price. Or you can head over to Amazon where I found some reusable shoe covers for $11.99. How about you, are you interested in learning more about Rain Socks? Then visit

7 thoughts on “These socks are worn outside your shoes”

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  2. Pretty silly. That said, if you’re spending hundreds of dollars on shoes that need to be protected from the rain like they’re made out of cotton candy, this isn’t the only silly thing you’re doing.

  3. 60 years ago I wore these as a kid and they were called rubbers. Our shoes were leather and it was to keep the leather dry.

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