With the Bruw you can use mason jars to make delicious cold brew coffee at home

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I recently discovered the joy that is cold brew coffee. I like it because it’s more flavorful then iced coffee and being someone with stomach issues I love that it’s less acidic than a regular cup of Joe. The problem is it’s also more expensive to buy at your local coffee shop. And buying a home cold brewer can be pricey as well. Then I came across the Bruw.

Bruw uses a simple and relatively less expensive way to make cold brew coffee at home. It’s a filter that screws onto two mason jars, and sieves out the coffee grounds. The result is a fresh, smooth-tasting, cold brewed coffee.

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The filter is specifically designed to fit any standard wide-mouthed mason jar.


By itself, the Bruw filter will cost you $14.99. If you’re thinking to yourself “but I don’t have any mason jars just laying around my house.”  No worries you can purchase the Bruw mason jar starter pack for $29.99.

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The starter pack includes the Bruw filter, two 32oz.,standard mason jars, two mason jar covers, and instructions.

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To start making your own cold brewed goodness at home, you can purchase the Bruw on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “With the Bruw you can use mason jars to make delicious cold brew coffee at home”

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  2. 14.99 when you can use a $1.99 dollar general coffee filter insert & use two mugs & a straw..
    But, for the must have person who can’t think for themselves before coffee… Go for it

    1. Seems like you can use a coffee press, which many people already have at home. The trickle effect looks kind of fun, though.

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