The Andiamo by Tivoli Audio is a small Bluetooth speaker that may pack a big punch!

Tivoli Andiamo
As Bluetooth speakers continue to become mainstream and par for the course, companies continue to design and redesign their products to provide more convenience and better sound for consumers, and of course to be a better choice than the competition.

Tivoli Audio is an audio company that has been around for a while, and recently they decided to offer the Andiamo, which is a small compact Bluetooth speaker. It is being marketed as a high-end compact Bluetooth speaker, with finishes that include an Italian leather carrying strap. It will be offered in a black or silver model, and hopefully since the name Andiamo means “Let’s go” in Italian, it will sound as good as or better than the competition.

Tivoli Audio is scheduled to release the Andiamo in June 2018, and it will cost $199. You can visit the Tivoli Audio website for more details.

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