Finally, an RFID-blocking wallet that’s big enough to hold all your wallet’s contents

thinnest rfid checkbook wallet

Since not all your wallet cards are RFID-sensitive, it seems that most RFID-blocking wallets are small – just big enough to accommodate the sensitive cards.  That’s great for protection, but what do you do with the rest of the things that you normally carry in a wallet?  The Thinnest RFID Checkbook Wallet from the Sharper Image will protect what needs protecting, but still has room for everything, even a checkbook.

The soft leather exterior has the same RFID-blocking technology used by the US Military hidden inside to defend against 3,000 MHz at 80 db (most credit card transactions which utilize RFID take place at 13.56 MHz).  There’s room for up to 16 cards, plus sections for cash, receipts, a clear ID pocket, plus a coin pocket.  It can be used as a checkbook holder, too.

The wallet is available in black with a red interior or brown with a turquoise interior for $129.99; your personalized monogram is another $6.95.  The Thinnest RFID Checkbook Wallet is available at The Sharper Image.

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