The Universal Lens Cap is the answer to great lens protection

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Universal Lens Cap
If you are like me, when you are using multiple lenses for a photo shoot, you try to keep the lens caps in some sort of order so that it is easy to pick up the right one for the right lens without having to try multiple times. However, in my case, and I am sure that I am not alone in this, the caps inevitably get mixed up and getting the right one on the lens becomes a distraction and sometimes quite frustrating in the middle of a busy shoot.

I recently came across a company called Kurvd that makes a really great Universal Lens Cap. “The ULC fits any lens with a barrel diameter between 60mm and 150mm”. This means that it will fit almost every lens in my kit, and it no longer matters which lens cap I grab. It is also built to completely cover the lens for better protection from dust and water and even the occasional unintentional “bump”. By design, it cannot fall off because of an accidental touch or because of any weird vibration, as conventional lens caps can and do.

If you would like to grab one of these Universal Lens Caps, you can head over to the Kurvd website and pick one up for $30.00.

4 thoughts on “The Universal Lens Cap is the answer to great lens protection”

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  2. Hi Julian,
    I appreciate your posts on photography gear. I would like to see you do more of a review of the product if you have the product. You know…what you like, what you dislike about it. Perhaps pictures of the product with a scale (ruler) in it (if appropriate) and even a video (like how the Universal Cap actually works).
    As a long time fan of the The Gadgeteer, I enjoy the product reviews as well as product news.
    Thank you and keep ’em coming!

    1. Hi Dave,
      I am very happy that you are enjoying the news stories. Do keep in mind that news stories are just to bring awareness to innovative gadgets/products that are available for purchase. I do also write many reviews, but those are on products that companies actually send us for review. In some cases, companies see the news stories and then send the products for review. Hopefully this happens for some of the gadgets that you like, so that your wish can be granted. I do buy some of the gear for myself and I may write reviews on those items from time to time. Thanks again for being such a loyal fan.

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