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I have to admit I am not a big jewelry wearer.  I tend to put on a favorite pair of earrings and my wedding ring and call it a day.  Once in a blue moon I will wear a necklace.  However, this project I found on Kickstarter has me thinking I could be wearing this necklace every day.  The necklace is called ‘Styleables: The fully customizable future of fashion’.   It is a necklace (the more expensive option lets you wear it as a brooch or a bowtie including a necklace) that essentially has a mini 1.63 inch screen (320 x 320 pixels) that lets you modify what it displays through an app on your phone.  The app is supported by IOS and Android.  It has up to a 12 hour battery life.  The black plastic frame version with a matching chain and charger will cost you about $78.  If you want a metal frame (in black, silver, gold or rose gold) it will cost about $121.   The campaign ends on March 4th.  Check it out at: Kickstarter.

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