Keep your pet’s water fresh and pure with this fountain

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hammacher pet water filter

My dog, Teddy, is picky.  He will only eat from certain bowls, and he likes fresh, cold, clean water in his water bowl at all times.  Sometimes he’ll refuse to drink his water because he sees something in it – usually his own hair from his constantly shedding body.  The Water Purifying Pet Fountain could take care of keeping his water hair-free for me.

The pet fountain has a “three-stage carbon filtration system that eliminates the impurities found in common tap water”, and its pump constantly recirculates the water into the basin while a mesh screen removes larger physical impurities – like pet hair.  It’s made from food-grade HDPE, so it doesn’t introduce anything into the water itself.

The filters last about four weeks in normal mode, but there is a smart mode, which reduces noise and saves energy, that prolongs the filter life to about 12 weeks.  The Water Purifying Pet Fountain is $69.95 and replacement filters are $19.95.  It’s available from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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  2. Most aquarium-pump type fountains have a washable open cell foam filter that catches hair. This thing would be very expensive to own with the filter replacement, and the height of the water basin looks problematic for small pets.

  3. I want something like this that also hooks to the mains and drain. that will fill and dump water. I have a auto water unit in the basement. I put a timer on the water supply just in case the animals knock it over and it keeps “filling” the basement while gone. Still looking for better option.

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