This Death Star Bluetooth Speaker actually LEVITATES

plox starwarsdeathstarfloatingspeaker

“This speaker is now the ultimate power in the universe.  I suggest we use it.”  I may be paraphrasing Admiral Motti of the Imperial Navy a bit here, but I think it’s appropriate. The Official Star Wars Levitating Death Star Speaker from Plox does indeed look powerful, and wickedly cool. Per the Plox site, “The gravity-defying orb levitates in mid-air above the base using Plox’s Force Technology.” There may not be a planet-crushing superlaser aboard, but this tiny technological terror is portable with a built-in 5 Watt speaker and 360 degrees of sound projection, and with a 2 hour charge time will provide 5 hours of continuous Bluetooth playback. Impressive. Most impressive. The Levitating Death Star Speaker retails for $179.99. Hyperspace jump over to the Plox site for more info or to order.

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