Girls can foster an interest in the STEM fields as they prepare for a mission to Mars with the new American Girl doll of the year

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Few toys aimed at girls encourage their interest in the STEM fields, but the new American Girl Doll of the Year is helping them reach for the stars.  American Girl dolls are designed to introduce girls to different historical eras and different cultural backgrounds by issuing dolls, their introductory book, and a set of accessories from these eras.  Previous dolls have introduced girls to American history, from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War and slavery to the Depression to now.  Luciana Vega is taking girls on a mission to Mars.

Luciana, like all 18″ American Girls, has a cloth body and plastic limbs and head.  She comes complete with her signature outfit of:

  • cosmic-print dress with attached vibrant red purse belt that she wears to Space Camp
  • A shiny holographic choker and special red star charm necklace she received as a baby
  • A pair of holographic lace-up boots

She also comes with a book, which discusses her life as an aspiring astronaut, studying in the science and math fields to hopefully prepare for a mission to Mars.  The space suit seen above ($75) is part of her accessories line.  Luciana in her signature outfit and the introductory book is $115; accessories include a maker’s station, flight suit, space suit, Mars habitat, and books and other items ranging in price from $8 – $350.  Luciana and her accessories are available at American Girl.

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