ZoomGo wireless in-car cinema entertainment system keeps everyone happy

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The ZoomGo wireless cinema entertainment system allows you to stream, via its local WiFi network, to up to four smart devices simultaneously, so that the car’s occupants can watch movies, read books, listen to music, or even play games on their devices.  No cellular connection is needed for the ZoomGo.  It’s powered by the car’s power outlet, or it can be powered via a USB cable, so you can use it while traveling in planes, buses, or trains.

The required PlayOn Desktop app acts like a DVR and allows you to record programming from subscribed services like Netflix or Hulu in a .MP4 file format into the ZoomGo library; you then transfer the files to the ZoomGo device, and stream them to iOS or Android devices.  The ZoomGo uses a local WiFi network to stream content from its library to up to four registered devices simultaneously.  You can even charge two mobile devices with the ZoomGo as you watch.

The ZoomGo comes with 8GB of storage; it can be expanded with MicroSD cards.  ZoomGo is available now at Walmart stores for $49.88, including a free 8GB MicroSD card and a free 15-day trial to the PlayOn app.  You’ll need to pay for PlayOn after the trial expires.  Learn more at ZoomGo and purchase the device at your local Walmart store.

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  2. So you can NOT use this device in any way without paying for the PlayOn Desktop app? I thought you could just use bluetooth or the units own wifi.

  3. ZoomGo wireless in-car cinema entertainment system and it’s relation to Zoomgo. TV https://www.playon.tv/contact-us

    Dear sir or madam,
    Do you have to pay for any other service after we purchase the Zoomgo device?. Or can we just download movies, pictures etc, to an SD card and use this device to watch them? We are confused about some people saying you have to pay a monthly or one time charge to do this other than the charge for the unit itself. Please clarify our uncertainty. We don’t want or need another player that makes us subscribe, or pay any other charges than for the unit itself. Are we mistaken here?
    Thanks in Advance,

    724 327 6501

    1. George,

      This is just a news item, so you’ll need to ask your question at the ZoomGo website for the most complete answer. However, yes, it is my understanding that you need to subscribe to their service to load up content for later viewing with the ZoomGo system.

      1. Thanks Janet. But just as you answered, I can not find a definite answer either way. I have read people that say “Yes” and “No”, but just as you, none of them own, or used one, and are just going on what they have read from different sources. It is a shame, evidently sales have been so bad, it has been discontinued, and the company doesn’t answer any questions. But the reviews I have read are almost all very good. But I can see why their sales are in the toilet since they are not clear about their product.

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