Wear your Lightning cable on your wrist with Torro Bracelets

You’ll never find yourself with a dead iPhone and no charging cable when you’re wearing the Torro Bracelet.  The Torro is available in a variety of sizes to fit most wrists, male or female; the small is 7.5″ long, medium is 8.6″ long, and the large is 9.25″ long.  It comes in styles with one wide, flat braid or two round braids of what Torro calls “genuine faux leather” in black, white, or brown.  The metal buckles are 18K-plated in white, rose, or yellow gold, and they have a USB 2.0 plug on one end and a Lightning plug on the other.  These cables are Apple MFi-certified and can be used for charging or data transfer.  Torro Bracelets are $49.99.  Torro also sells a couple of 2500mAh battery banks to power up your iPhone.

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