Braven (finally) makes a headphone

Ever since I began reviewing Braven’s Bluetooth speakers, I’ve always told my friends that because Braven knows Bluetooth so well, they should make a headphone. Well, now they have—the Braven Signature Wireless Headphone.

Braven’s slogan is “Music On, World Off.” Engineered with active noise canceling technology, their Signature Headphones deliver 32 hours of audio. An adjustable, padded leather headband is finished with integrated aluminum cooling technology to push out heat accumulated during use for a cooler listening experience. Free from background noise and free from wires, the Signature Wireless Headphones feature a fully functional speakerphone with smart ear pad swipe controls to handle phone calls, adjust volume or skip tracks forward and backward. They fold flat into a ballistic nylon carry case to take wherever you want to go.

The Braven Signature Wireless Headphone is available from Braven for $199.99 US. Visit for more information.

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