Dog walking is made easier with the hands-free Lishinu dog leash

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Your pooch needs daily exercise just like you do, but walking your dog with a traditional leash means not being able to use one of your hands. The Lishinu dog leash has been designed to allow for hands-free use, making it much more convenient for both you and your dog.

The Lishinu leash can be held in your hand like a regular leash, or you can put it around your wrist so that your hand is free to do and hold other things.

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The leash also features a retractable lead, an auto-lock mechanism that helps with training, a quick safety release, and more.

You can read more about the Lishinu dog leash at and you can order one for $24.99 from Amazon.

12 thoughts on “Dog walking is made easier with the hands-free Lishinu dog leash”

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  2. pet peeve?…

    flexible leashes that allow a pooch to meander where it wants

    owning a dog is a fulltime job
    walking a dog is when it is most at risk
    direct contact is absolutely essential
    no matter how long your lead is (six feet is about all most folks can deal with) it should transmit the dog’s intentions and yours…no exceptions…no lapses

    sorry for the rant

      1. hi

        I knew that…most of the ratcheting leashes do
        It just isn’t a style of lead I trust to provide the control I want

        I guide my dogs by touch
        a tap here, a tug there

        I had a cowboy uncle whose horses could be ridden by knee pressure alone
        his brother was a farmer whose horses were more for riding than working
        he talked to them through the reins

        I picked that up as a kid and have used it with our dogs
        we’ve had 10 pound dogs, 150 pound dogs and everything in between

        I prefer a “choke” collar or lead
        the little bit of pressure you need to communicate is a wonderful tool
        the only dog neck pressure didn’t work with was my son’s pit
        so we used a harness and had a long conversation about appropriate behavior and all was well

  3. I get Craig’s point, and I agree with his basic premise. This device is designed to allow one to be more distracted while taking the dog for a walk. Horrible idea.

  4. Anyone else get the immediate visualization from the product image? Dog runs, hits end of leash, arms jerk up, iPad flies through the air…all happening too fast for the person to react because he is so totally engrossed in his iPad he’s not paying attention….?

    1. I am so opposed to retractible leashes, that to see Jim Latimer’s scenario play out would give me great guilty pleasure.

  5. On one hand, it’s good for when you have to pick up poop at night – one hand with the bag, the other with a flashlight. On the other hand, you lose fine control on the leash. When I walk my dog, I am continually adjusting the play out – more when I let her sniff, a lot less when we get near other people/dogs.

  6. For the love of a pet that deserves a lot more from “THEIR BEST FRIEND,” than to be pre-occupied by electronic garbage on their “ME TIME,” being in that moment with FIDO.

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