Crank up the perfect weenie roast

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firebuggz crankeez 1

My mouth is watering just thinking about a perfectly roasted hotdog in a soft bun with just the right amount of ketchup but no mustard because mustard is disgusting 😉 I can’t remember the last time I had a hotdog cooked on an outdoor grill, let alone over a campfire. If I had a fire pit, I would seriously consider buying a Crank-Eez from Firebuggz.

The Crank-Eez is a specially designed hotdog skewer that has a 36-inch long food grade stainless steel rod and a fun wooden handle that you can crank to turn the hotdog over the fire for just the right level of burnt goodness.

firebuggz crankeez 2

The fork at the end of the Crank-Eez secures the wiener so it won’t fall into the fire. And if you’re not a fan of hotdogs, you can roast two marshmallows at a time.

You can read more about the Crank-Eez at and you can order one for $19.39 from Amazon.

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