CleverPet Hub is a gaming console for dogs

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Is it your understanding that dogs can’t see color like humans? I thought so too. But then I learned that dogs can actually see yellow and blue colors when I read about the CleverPet Hub which is a “gaming console” designed especially for dogs that uses color. This device has a treat dispenser that opens when Fido solves a puzzle using three touch sensitive colored light panels.

The CleverPet Hub rewards your dog with his or her daily kibble by using lighted touchpads and sounds to engage and mentally stimulate your dog. The first stages of learning on the Hub require getting your dog comfortable and curious with the Hub – but once she has gotten past these steps and begins to interact more, she’ll progress through challenges that include touching the touchpads, seeing the lights, learning brightness, and completing sequences.

The puzzles can keep active dogs engaged, entertained, and occupied when you’re not there.

The CleverPet Hub has been designed to hold up to hundreds of plays per day over multiple years. Check out the quick video below to see a dog solve one of the puzzles.

You can read more about the CleverPet Hub and buy one for $299.99 from Amazon. FYI: It comes with a 60-Day Engagement Guarantee just in case your dog can’t get solve the puzzles or loses interest.

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