Mighty Mug cups use magic to prevent spills

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How many times of you accidentally knocked over a drink at home, or work? It’s not only a pain to clean up the mess, but it’s kind of embarrassing too. The obvious solution is to be more careful, but we all know that accidents happen and just paying more attention won’t always prevent the next spill. What we need is some magic and Mighty Mugs have it. 

What are Might Mugs? They are a collection of beverage containers that have benn designed with a special base that stops spilling because they won’t tip over.

mightymug 2

Beverage holders from Mighty Mug use Smartgrip technology to create an airtight seal against flat surfaces, so they can’t be knocked over because they only lift in one direction which is up.

There are Mighty Mugs for every purpose, from stainless steel travel mugs, plastic tumbers, and even beer and wine glasses.

Priced starting at $16.99, you can read more about Mighty Mugs by visiting themightymug.com. You can order one from The Grommet or Amazon.

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