Using a SureCan gas can means never overfilling your lawn mower again

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How many times have you refilled the gas tank on your lawn mower, weed eater, blower, chainsaw, etc. only to have it overflow and make a mess? I can’t count the number of times that I’ve done that and ended up with gas on my shoes, hands, and the ground. The problem is that traditional gas cans are awkward. I found a possible solution – the SureCan.

The SureCan is a 2.2-gallon gasoline dispenser that is made here in the US of 6 layers of polyethylene to provide long lasting durability.

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It that has been designed so that you don’t need to tilt it to pour gas. The SureCan has an 8.5-inch flexible rotating spout and a thumb trigger that starts and stops the flow of gas.

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The trigger opens a vent so that the flow of gas is quick, without any glug glug glug issues of other gas cans.

SureCan makes cans to hold gas, diesel fuel, and kerosene. The gas version of the can is priced at $41.12 and is available from Amazon.

6 thoughts on “Using a SureCan gas can means never overfilling your lawn mower again”

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  2. As someone who uses gas cans every day and multiple times per day, I don’t think I trust the seal where the spout pivots long term…

  3. I hope they do, but for now I think I will stick with my No Spill cans. Plus considering I have four 5gal cans (one No Spill and 3 cheapies from Walmart) for my mowers plus a 2 gal No spill for mixed gas and a 1 gal No Spill I take with me, it would be rather pricey to get new cans.

  4. So is this reliant on the user visually seeing the tank begin to overflow and quickly letting go of the trigger to stop the flow of gas? It might be better if there were some sort of mechanical ‘float switch’ that clicks in advance of the level getting too high to give you a heads up. Not everyone’s reactions are that quick!

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