Burn that old fanny pack and get a HipS-sister waist band gear holder

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Remember fanny packs (Sorry Aussie visitors)? I had one… I think it’s still up in the closet that houses my gear bag collection. Fanny packs were very convenient because they let you carry your everyday essentials without burdening your hands, pockets or shoulders with bag straps. Sadly, they went out of style about the same time as the mullet and parachute pants. But as products tend to do, what was old becomes new again. This time it’s the HipS-sister.

What is it? The HipS-sister is a modern and more stylish version of the fanny pack. It’s a 5-inch wide waist band gear “bag” designed to hold small items when you’re out and about.

The HipS-sister has a top loading secret pocket sized perfectly for your phone. It also has both a front and a back zippered 5-inch pocket for all your other small personal items.

Available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and are priced starting at around $17. You can find more info at hipssister.com and Amazon.

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  2. Admittedly, I wear a belt pouch for my mobile phone, so I am one to talk, but this really doesn’t look any better than a fanny pack, and holds a lot less. But then I don’t get why having the unsightly bulge of a phone in your back pocket is OK, but wearing one at your waist is the modern equivalent of my pocket protector.

    1. Looks like you can distribute your stuff so that they make a bunch of small lumps instead of one big lump. Being fashion-challenged, I can’t tell if that is more attractive.

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