Grocery Gripps let you make one trip from car to house with all your bags

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Every Friday Jeanne goes to the Kroger grocery store after work to grab the items that I don’t buy from Walmart when I get the bulk of the groceries. And every night I hear a thump thump thump on the front door signaling that she’s home and doesn’t have the ability to open the front door because she has eleventy billion bags in her hands. Jeanne doesn’t do multiple trips. Ever. And now I think I’ve found a product that will make her short trek from garage to front door a little easier.

What is it? It’s called a Grocery Gripp and it’s basically a strap with a loop on either end that can be used to combine all your grocery bags into one bundle.

The Grocery Gripp was a Kickstarter project that earned over $10,000.

The idea is that you pass the Grocery Gripp strap through the handle loops of your plastic or cloth grocery bags.

You can then put your hand through the Grocery Gripp’s loops to carry them. You can also put the Grocery Gripp strap over your shoulder and pass your wrist through the loop to still use your phone, open doors or press buttons.

The Grocery Gripp is one of those “why didn’t I think of it” type of products. They are available in several colors and are priced at $19.95 each from The Grommet or Amazon. I bet they would be super easy to DIY too.

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  2. Although it’s a great idea, I think it’s the weight of the load that causes injury. I too avoid multiple trips from the car and for 2weeks now, I’ve been suffering with shoulder/upper arm pain because I carried so many bags in one trip. The over the shoulder technique may work however. ? I would make the strap longer though, to accommodate a dozen bags. Good idea.

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