Velv will let you oxygenate young wine in no time

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An unexpected visit from an old friend and an unopened bottle of Caymus. If you’re amongst the fortunate few to have old friends and a bottle of Caymus you surely know how tragic this event is. But wait! Don’t despair! There’s a gadget to the rescue!  The newly available Velv Wine Oxygenator will develop that bottle’s best bouquet in no time, using 99.5% oxygen to imbue a soft, silky taste and optimal aromatics in three to seven minutes, depending on the varietal.  The Velv uses an oxygen capsule in the handle and a long wand with a sintered tip to disperse microbubbles of oxygen into the wine, even within the bottle.  The manufacturers claim that by increasing the amount of Oxygen, reactions that alter the bouquet are completed more quickly and therefore occur before aroma and taste are lost due to the traditional decanting process. Intrigued? Curiosity will cost you – the starter kit costs $300 and includes the Velv Wine Oxygenator, one Velv PUREOXYGEN capsule, and a Velv Protective Case. Each capsule can prepare approximately 5 to 10 bottles of wine, and additional 2-packs of capsules are available online for $25. For more information, visit

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