Buffalo Jackson Leather Passport Travel Wallet review

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While I travel a great deal within the US, I don’t often go out of the country and thus I rarely need my passport. But my wife has plans for the Gadgeteer Kid and me before he goes off to college and beyond. We are currently planning a nice long trip to the British Isles for the G.K.’s graduation followed by regular overseas trips in retirement. Being the good strategic planner I am, I thought it would be smart to start trying a few passport wallets to carry my identification, credit cards, money, and of course…my passport. Well, the Buffalo Jackson Dakota leather travel wallet seemed like an excellent place to start looking. 

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The Dakota leather Buffalo Jackson uses to create the Passport Travel Wallet looks, feels, and smells wonderful. The leather is soft and supple, yet thick enough to last many years of traveling the world. As you can see, the wallet has a vertical, book orientation and is held closed by a dark brown elastic band stitched into the leather. “PASSPORT” is embossed on the upper front of the wallet and the Buffalo Jackson name and logo are on the lower back.

The hand-done finish, stitching, and edging are a bit rustic and definitely give the Passport Traveler a distinctive handmade old-world air. The Dakota leather isn’t too thick either, making it very functional, not too heavy, and easy to fold/close.



  • 6″ H x 4.25″ W (Closed)
  • 6″ H x 8.5″ W (Open)

The Passport Traveler has 2 credit card slots and can hold 4 cards total. Initially, the slots were very tight but should loosen with time and use. The wallet also has 2 larger slipper pockets for a field notebook, passport, or extra cash & cards. While there is not enough room/volume to hold all the stuff I carry on any typical workday. The Passport Traveler is ideal for a vacation where (hopefully) access/keycards, half dozen other cards, and anything else that finds its way into my wallet won’t be needed.

The Passport Traveler is six inches tall, four inches wide, and approximately a half inch thick. As I said, wallet’s leather, size, and weight feel great to carry and fits nicely into the back or front pocket of my pants.

The Dakota leather passport travel wallet is available in brown and black.

The Buffalo Jackson Leather Passport Travel Wallet is an excellent wallet, very well constructed, and rugged enough to travel the world many times over. The Dakota leather is soft and supple, yet tough and designed to get the job done. Meant to carry not only your passport but your I.D., credit cards, and money relatively minimalistically through out your travels.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. Please visit their site for more info and to order.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Buffalo Jackson
  • Excellent material and construction quality
  • Soft, supple leather
  • Nicely designed and sized for travel
  • None

3 thoughts on “Buffalo Jackson Leather Passport Travel Wallet review”

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  2. Cons?
    Not big enough for holding boarding passes, hotel bookings or for separating foreign currencies. 4 credit card slots isn’t much for a frequent traveller (hire car cards, hotel loyalty, frequent flyer and hotel lounge cards take my count up to 8 even if I leave the least used ones at home).

    It’s also useful to have a zip so things can be stuffed in quickly and safely zipped away.

    There are much better travel wallets out there.

  3. Fair points. Though I would like to think I could survive with just my I.D. and a few credit cards. All of my frequent flier and loyalty numbers are on my smartphone. I’d like to travel with less than more but I can see the zipper being a nice addition.

    1. Dave,
      As a frequent (174,000 International miles for 2016) travel, I couldn’t agree more. The less I have to carry (and worry about losing) the better. I’m looking to shed stuff, not add it.

      Since the passport would have to be removed frequently (almost all the places I visit now scan the passport), how easily is it removed and re-inserted to the wallet?

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