Warning: Chatbooks can make you appear more organized than you are

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You take oodles of pics with your phone and your favorite ones get posted to your various social media sites to share with the world.  Many people do this daily to secure their memories and to have the ability to relive everyday moments with the swipe of a finger. With Chatbooks, these important pics can be sent to you in a snazzy book with little thought on your part, no tedious formatting, and for only 8 dollars and free shipping!  Your friends and family will wonder where you got the time to create these 60 page high quality print books. Well, you don’t have to tell anyone that all you have to do is simply download the free app, decide if you want to use Facebook, Instagram, or the photo camera roll favorites on your phone.  Every time you accumulate 60 pics you are sent a 6 x 6 printed book…for 8 dollars and free shipping, did I mention that? There is an option to edit the book before it ships and you can choose a hard cover book for an extra 5 bucks.  Go to the App Store or Google Play to get the app, or visit the Chatbooks website for more information on how you can fool people into thinking you have way more time on your hands than you actually do.

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