reMarkable is a dedicated tablet for reading, writing and sketching

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The picture above might look like a Kindle or another eReader device, but it’s not. It’s the reMarkable, a tablet that has been designed especially for reading, writing and sketching. You might say “Julie, we already have tablets that can do that, they are called an iPad”. You would be right… partially. You can read, write and sketch on an iPad, Android tablet or even a Windows tablet, but the reMarkable uses CANVAS technology to create a 10.3” E Ink display that has an ultra-low-latency, pen-on-paper feel without all the digital distractions of a tablet.

The tablet has a 7×10 inch 1872×1404 resolution CANVAS display, 8GB of RAM to store 100,000 pages, can be read outdoors in full sunlight with no glare and runs for days at a time per charge. The stylus can recognize 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity to provide a real pen on paper writing and sketching experience.

Unlike traditional paper, reMarkable connects to the digital world when you need it to. Your thoughts, whether they’re words or sketches, are instantly synced to reMarkable’s cloud service and made available on all your devices. Documents and e-books are easily transferred for reading and reviewing with pen in hand. reMarkable connects to the internet for easy sharing and collaboration across devices. You can even take notes on one device and have it appear on a second device, in real time.

The reMarkable tablet will begin shipping next summer, but it’s available for pre-order now for $379. Visit for all the details.

11 thoughts on “reMarkable is a dedicated tablet for reading, writing and sketching”

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  2. I’m guessing this is B&W only? It looks pretty neat. I wonder if the stylus is as good as the Apple Pencil for sketching?

  3. This feels just like NoteSlate that has been on pre-order status for years! They charge your credit card right away and just don’t deliver or provide any updates. I suggest people stay away from any pre-orders of products that’s still in development stage. Waiting for an actual real product even if it would cost a tad bit more is still much safer than gambling that these company will follow through with their promise of a product.

    1. I’ve not heard of NoteSlate, but I agree that it looks very similar. Bummer! As a rule, I almost never pre-order products unless they are crowdfunding campaigns from people who have a good track record or big names like Apple. Even then, I don’t like pre-ordering when the ship date is more than a month away unless they don’t charge your credit card when you place the order, but wait till it starts to ship.

      1. Even the pre-order price of $379 is quite expensive for a single use device when you can get a decent tablet these days for that price. They need to drop this below $200.

        1. Single use?
          You mean like a kindle (not that Fire traversty)? Do you have JUST ONE BOOK on your kindle? What do you mean one use?
          The real problem with the price point is the Apple-isk (it is a word) fraud where they sell the stylus separately.

      2. Thanks for the tip. I will wait until it starts shipping.
        My mind is blown. I have been looking at the GoodeReader especially since Sony has cancelled their version (which is not a surprise for those of us who use their Xperia Phones).

  4. I agree with Jackie Cheng. This device is just too damn expensive for what it does. If this writing tablet were about $150.00, I would be seriously interested. And even that, I don’t know if I would really use this tablet that much.

  5. Interesting product. I have notepads on my desk at work where I constantly jot down notes of numbers and things as I develop. Often times the pages look like a cluster of just stuff and I often refer back to pages days at a time. My cleanup talent will kick in and then I start ripping off pages that are really worn and I think I will no longer need. Inevitably, I find myself regretting losing that one piece of paper. This could be the answer to my dilemma. I just wish like everyone else that it would be cheaper. I will just wait and see how it goes when they release the device.

      Sacrilege!! I never ever throw away paper. My worst crime is using two different notebooks for the same project. I have started using WorkFlowy to solve this but it doesn’t work for live note taking.

    Hell yeah. I have been dying for something like this.
    I have TONNES of notebooks. I am an avid note-taker.
    I have been looking at the GoodeReader but the videos show SIGNIFICANT delay which is very annoying and makes it difficult to control handwriting.
    Checkout the GoodeReader here
    If you are into tablets (for reading books), they also have a great YouTube channel.

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