Roam the country in safety with Roav smart driving system

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Roav may be a weird name, but it could become a household word if accessory maker Anker has its way. Anker’s goal for the Roav smart driving system is to help you drive smarter while keeping you safe using connected devices made for any car. The Dashtop computer, Roav Cam, and Roav Guard monitors the road and keep you in control, without diverting attention away from driving.

roav_dashtop_2Roav Dashtop is a computer that uses an innovative head-up display designed to bounce images and information off a curved screen so that they appear on the road ahead. It projects key information in front of you to reduce distractions and keep your eyes forward. It’s more than a head-up display because it syncs with the Roav Smart Driving System, which can be expanded with cameras, sensors, and driver-friendly apps. It uses advanced voice recognition technology, so no touch screens, hand-waving, or control panels distract you.


With it’s standalone 4G LTE connection ($9.99 per month), Roav Dashtop 4G has the ability to independently connect to the internet, so you don’t need to bring your phone along whenever you decide to hit the road. This can work anywhere in the country, making Roav the only independent personal car device with real-time data.

There is a preorder discount of $200 beginning in November 2016 with shipments beginning in Spring 2017. The preorder price of the Roav Dashtop is $299 and the Dashtop 4G is $399. Visit for more information.

6 thoughts on “Roam the country in safety with Roav smart driving system”

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  2. Heads-up technology is an amazing addition to one’s car. I have a simple one on my 2013 Prius but it keeps my eyes on the road as it shows me speed, engine mode as well as navigation cues.

    However any leap in technology is difficult to produce and I would NEVER pre-order anything as revolutionary as this product. The probability of failure (ie, product which doesn’t perform as described or very long delays) is pretty much 100% on products like this.

    Hope it makes it but pre-ordering is crazy. Rather I hope automakers provide low-cost head-up units for all cars. You don’t need a fancy full color display to provide basic info to the driver.

  3. My wife has a HUD in her Mini Cooper. It’s almost impossible to see with sunglasses on. I just lower the display when I’m driving to keep it off.

  4. It’s expensive for something that my smartphone can largely already do. I would have preferred they partner with Google instead of Here Maps. With Google Maps I know which lane I should be in.

  5. Since the Roav Dashtop is backed and built by Anker, I feel pretty confident that they will deliver the product on time. Anker makes some nice accessories that last. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with Anker products I’ve bought.

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