Harry Potter fans and Moleskine fans unite with these new notebooks


Moleskine has unveiled two Harry Potter Limited Edition Notebooks that have artwork and special touches that true fans will immediately recognize. There’s a clothbound notebook that features the Marauder’s Map on the cover along with the inscription “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”, and the other notebook has a Patronus Charm burgundy cover with artwork of the young wizard casting the powerful charm to fight off Dementors. Both notebooks come with an exclusive sticker set featuring popular spells like Expelliarmus and iconic Harry Potter objects like the Golden Snitch and the Hogwarts crest. Even the paper band that wraps the notebooks will let fans turn their water bottle into a magic potion like Polyjuice or Veritaserum. Both books are 5 x 8.25 inches, have 240 ruled pages and are priced at $24.95 through Moleskine.com or you can get them for less $18 each from Amazon.

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