OPPO Digital introduces the Sonica Wi-Fi speaker

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It’s always interesting to see high-end audio companies enter the world of portable speakers. They almost always up the game by bringing a level of quality and detail that cheaper companies sometimes miss. Oppo Digital is known for their planar magnetic headphones and have branched out by introducing the Sonica Wi-Fi speaker system. It’s called a system, because the speakers can be grouped wirelessly into a multi-room setup—or remain a stand-alone speaker. Additional speakers can be added to the system as budget allows. Each football-sized Sonica speaker has Apple Airplay, Bluetooth and DLNA so you’re covered no matter which streaming method you prefer.

oppo_sonica_2The Sonica’s organic, yet uncluttered design fits into any room decor. The speakers acoustic design was developed by the man behind the famous Oppo headphone sound. The speakers can be controlled either by a free smartphone/tablet app or a desktop computer that can direct which speaker is playing what music in any room on the same wifi network. Setup is easy. Visiting friends can easily download the app and stream their music to the speaker as well. Music can also be played directly from a connected USB device, thumb drive or through a wired connection using the AUX port.



The Sonica speaker contains a single 3.5-inch woofer with two 2.5-inch full-range drivers on each side. Each driver is powered by a 10-watt amplifier while the subwoofer gets two 15-watt amps in bridge mode equaling 30-watts.  Plus there are two passive radiators at each end. A built-in audio decoder can play most file formats in high resolution up to 24bit/192kHz for improved clarity and fidelity. There are three built-in presets for different room sizes, speaker locations, and listening preferences.

The Oppo Sonica speaker comes in two colors: Black or silver and is available for $299 from Oppo. Visit oppodigital.com for more info.

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