ILDOCK for iPhone 7 is fully funded on Kickstarter

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Kickstarter continues to be one of the places you find items that device manufacturers should have included with their new items. My most recent sponsored item is the ILDOCK for iPhone 7. While I don’t have an iPhone 7, I do use a 6s Plus, and really want the ability to use SD, TFT, or lightning cables with my iPhone’s lightning port. I have an Apple SD card adapter, but this little gizmo is smaller, has more ports, and looks to be much more versatile for iPhone users, especially if you’re limited to one port and no way to charge. 

Currently, it’s running at 26X their modest funding goal, so they are going to arrive. But it you’d like to get in on the first batch, there are 12 days left.

There are models with two Lightning ports, AUX jacks, and card readers. Stretch goals include various finish options. (At 26X funding goal, I think they’ve comfortably hit that “stretch” level.)

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3 thoughts on “ILDOCK for iPhone 7 is fully funded on Kickstarter”

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  2. Pointless purchase because in 12 months Apple will change the connector to a new “standard” and this dock will become useless and get thrown away – like all the accessories I bought for the first iPhone connector.

  3. Actually, the 30-pin connector was the standard way to connect iPods for about 10 years. (The Dock connector iPod came out in 2003, the iPhone 5 in 2012. They sold devices with the 30-pin connector for several years after that.) The stereos and cables I had for that cable have long ago gone to flea markets – along with the various SCSI connectors and hard drives I had. I think the Lightning connector will be around for at least as long. The benefit of having a gadget, to me, is benefiting from it while I own it, not trying to eek out depreciation on the original price. 🙂

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