Put a Suunto M-9 compass on your wrist and never get lost again

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If you’ve been searching for a hands-free navigation tool, look no further than the M-9 Wrist Compass from Suunto. Suunto who are well known for their sports watches, dive computers, compasses, and other precision instruments, also make the M-9 Wrist Compass which features a glow in the dark dial, an accurate sapphire jeweled bearing and a liquid filled case. The bezel ring is serrated so that it turns easily even when you’re wearing gloves. Cutaway notches on the sides of the compass help you take a bearing and the removable Velcro strap keeps the compass on your wrist for easy access. The Suunto M-9 is priced at $35.99 from Suunto and can be found for less at Amazon.

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